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September 17, 2011

Partilho convosco este surpreendente e lindíssimo vídeo sobre manutenção e restauro de pianos.
Da empresa portuguesa Dinâmica.


I share with you this surprising and beautiful video about the maintenance and restoration of pianos.
From the portuguese company Dinâmica.
2 comments on "Pianos"
  1. so beautiful... the repairing is indeed a symphony in itself... and a mediation! and a celebration of skills & crafts! really moving... makes me wish to have such a physical practice in my life these days...
    do you play Piano Andreia?

  2. No. I never learn how to play piano or any other instrument. But I'm very passionate about music and I do like to sing... or I try :D
    I love this processes of crafts where people use their hands and skills to create something beautiful very carefully.
    You have to find out what is your "physical thing". I think mine is knitting and printing :)


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