the hands show the way of the heart

Poemas Visuais

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May 17, 2010

"From the back cover - From order to chaos and back to order, Sam Winston’s Dictionary Story graphically illustrates the balance between a world that’s safe but boring and a high risk universe full of creative possibilities. Like people, the alphabetically constrained words yearn to release their individual potential. They want to escape the dictionary’s regimentation and come together to tell a story. But when the words break free, so do their letters. They scatter and tumble across the page, reflecting meaning through visual representation. For a time it’s wild and exciting but when things look to be getting out of hand the Alphabet arrives to remind everyone of their responsibilities. Order returns… but the world and it’s words will never be quite the same again."

Através da linguagem, Sam Winston cria esculturas, desenhos e livros que questionam o nosso entendimento da palavra, que geram significados alternativos aos meios de comunicação e à definição da linguagem tradicional.

It's Nice That.
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